Gratitude & Confession

אוֹדֶה לאֵל לֵבַב חוֹקֵר בְּדָן יַחַד כּוֹכְבֵי בֹקֵר — מבּוֹא לסידוּר קוֹל המקוֹם

Gratitude to G!d, Who Searches (and Judges) the heart once the stars rise each morning.

The Hebrew word oe’deh — אוֹדֶה — poetically connotes thankfulness, from the verb le’hit’va’deh — לְהִתְוַדֶה — “to confess” or “to give thanks”; the verb le’hit’ahd’ut — לְהִתְאַדוֹת — is quite similar, it means “to vaporize”, and I marvel at how Hebrew teaches me.

Telling someone I am grateful requires me to subdue — to “vaporize” — my ego. A confession? Do I not vaporize a resentment, perhaps, or any pesha or chet? I think I do.

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